Moon Hooch

Welcome to the Cave

Our goal is carbon neutrality

As a part of our continued commitment to the well-being of our planet, Moon Hooch is officially a carbon neutral band. We have partnered with We Are Neutral to help offset 100% of the carbon footprint we create by driving and flying across the world to play shows. Since becoming carbon neutral in 2017, we have offset 22.28 tons of carbon emissions by planting trees, sequestering carbon, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To put that into perspective, offsetting 36.21 tCO2e is the equivalent of:

...taking 7.6 passenger cars off the road for 1 year, or 88,223 miles driven by a passenger vehicle;
...switching 746 incandescent lightbulbs to LEDs, or saving 65,448 kWh of energy;
...577 tree saplings growing for 10 years, or 34.4 acres of US forest sequestering carbon.


In addition to offsetting our carbon footprint, we are also committed to doing everything we can to keeping our environment as sustainable as we can. Some of the things we do to minimize our effect on the environment include:

...touring in a Sprinter van instead of a tour bus. They get much better gas mileage. On this tour it spared 4.4 tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere;
...all 6 members of our touring party are totally vegan;
...on the road, we do all our own cooking on an electric skillet, and source produce from local farms and co-ops to support local business;
...we run a food blog, "Cooking in the Cave," in which we highlight the healthy, sustainable, organic recipes we utilize with our mobile kitchen setup on tour;
...we specifically request reusable plates & silverware at our shows, and that no plastic or styrofoam goods (including water bottles) are used;
...our tours have a zero-waste initiative;
...participating in river cleanups.

Being a carbon neutral band is an expensive process, but one that we do because we care deeply about the future of our planet. We would greatly appreciate any donations to this cause, 100% of which will go directly towards our carbon offsetting. 

For more information on We Are Neutral, head to