Chicken Mushroom hunting success ok 1 week late. A little tough, but ok. Weather is nice forest smells great today still good though no worries have a great day I love you. Hide the kids. Don’t tell Sam I contacted you. Thanks.

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Aug 25 2015

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I just arrived in New York. I was greeted by a bunch of broken wood. It did not talk or anything like that. The thick glass even prevented me from hearing the wind wiggling any loose pieces. The wood greeted me through my own thoughts: “How did it get there? How did I get here?” Yes, airplane, aerodynamics, wind, water, erosion and all these things and forces are influencing the solid appearing molecular structure of the wood and my body, but underneath it, or beyond the rigid confines of the physical reality, are the affects of choices, the choices of every conscious entity that navigated a body or a cell, all growing towards something, funneling their creative expression into the struggle between chaos and order. The rich complexity of a pile of drift wood embodies the choices of countless organisms, all expressing themselves through their immediate reality and physical confines. Evolution is art and art is creation!

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We’re playing Dante’s Bar in Frostburg, MD on 9/3. Get your advance tickets at so we can fill your ears with happiness!

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We’re at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh on 9/4. Advance tickets at

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