Life In The Cave

Moon Hooch’s honking sax lines brought Kingsland Road to a standstill this summer, busking their way around London, playing to foot-stomping crowds in the hundreds from the back of their van. This jazz-infected trio start an impromptu dance party anywhere they roam, watch the antics unfold in Dalston, Brixton and Brighton in this short film.

Get the UK/European exclusive digital EP “EAT YOUR VEGGIES” October 13 featuring “Number 9.”

The first video from Moon Hooch’s brand new album THIS IS CAVE MUSIC, available September 16 via Hornblow Recordings / Palmetto Records.

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Directed by Lucas McGowen ( and Julia Barrett Mitchell (
Bride: Julia Barrett Mitchell
Groom: Ben Becher
Story by Lucas McGowen
Director of photography: Lucas McGowen
Second Camera: Zack Sky
Assistant Director: Matthew Pourviseh
Costumes by Jeffrey Williams (
Produced by Lucas McGowen and Zack Sky in association with Avenue D Cinema

Aug 29 2014

News visit final

Aug 27 2014

Langwater farm

Moon Hooch explores sustainable living at Langwater Farm with Kevin O’Dwyer.